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FLABéLOS exercise vibration plates work on the principle of WBV (Whole Body Vibration).  WBV stimulates blood vessels and muscles to contract and relax.  Due to the intense movement, your brain sends signals to your muscles instructing them to contract involuntarily at an increased speed which promotes a neuromuscular response and therefore tones your muscles.


10 Minutes a Day in your own Home!

Tone your Body!
Increase Flexibility!
Promote Circulation!
Helps reduce Cellulite!
Suitable for most ages!
Build Muscle Tone!
Increase Mobility!
Burn Fat!
Lose Weight!
Increase Bone Density!
Improve Varicose Veins
Look Fab!

FLABéLOS Rental Structure
FREE Delivery, Demo and Collection
* 4 Week
* 8 Week
  12 Week
* Greater Manchester Area Only!







Please contact our friendly FLABeLOS team on 0161 344 0726 for more information or to book your installation!!

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For more information contact us on 0161 344 0726 or ask your Delivery Driver.