Customer Comments

Flabelos/Look Fabulous Feedback



Peter Clayton

The Flabelos has really improved my weight loss. I have lost 6lbs in 3 weeks and feel more toned.

Joanne Cheshire

Been using for 1 week so far and lost 2" off my waist, 1" off each thigh & 1/2" off hips and bust.  I am also 4lb lighter. :-) very pleased

Kerry Dukinfield

Been using plate for a month and a half.  Its great.  I''ve lost inches and pounds, and 2 dress sizes.  I feel fab.
D Whittaker
Have been using the plate for the last 2 months and very pleased with the results so far.  I am more toned, and i have noticed that my size 12 pants that were tight have become loose.  Fab! X

Have used the plates for the past 6 weeks.  Have lost a dress size and feel more toned! Super pleased with the results.

Joanne Brown, Stalybridge I think the Flabelos is excellent, and as an avid gym goer this has given me the fastest results for inch loss than any training i have done.


I have been taking the Look Fabulous capsules (2 a day) for 8 weeks now, and have been going on the Plates as much as i can. I can believe that i have lost nearly 2 stone.   Its great. Cant believe it has worked so well, and dont have to work hard to do it. Love Em!

J Smith Already in a week, i can notice that i feel more toned - Excellent
T Smith Excellent.  Great way to lose weight without any effort .
Jackie & Kayleigh Great way to tone and get fit. 
  Fantastic, love it, already feeling fitter.
  After doing gymnastics for 10 years, my opinion of these machines is outstanding.
Michelle After just one week, i have lost 3 inches and 2lbs in weight.  Fantastic machines!!
  Noticed a big change within a week!!!!! Looking forward to the next month.
  After 5 sessions i have lost 2 inches in total, and feel more toned.